Shishito Peppers

IMG_3263I finally see what all the hype is about.  The shishito craze has been around awhile but I had never seen the peppers  for sale anywhere, until today, when I ran across them at my farmer’s market.  I had been reading about how delicious these were, simply prepared and eaten as a snack.  I admit to being skeptical, because as much as I love peppers, they are just peppers.

The lady at the farmer’s market said she had a devil of a time getting them to grow around here.  She said they do better in cooler climates, but that she had finally had success.  So I bought a few (the peppers you see here were $4.00; nobody tell my husband).

But they were tasty, I have to admit.  I loved them, in fact, and will be going back to the market next week to see if I can score some more.  They have a very mild, very delicious and delicate flavor, with just a hint of tanginess, and no heat whatsoever–though the seller did warn me that very occasionally you can get a hot one.  I assured her that that did not bother me.  If she only knew.

They are very simple to prepare.

first you wash them

first you wash them

...then you dry them well

…then you dry them well

Get out a cast iron skillet, get it very hot, then put in just a tiny bit of oil.  I used olive, but olive oil will smoke so you need to be right there to fry the peppers right away.  Add the dry peppers to the very hot pan and stir them around to coat with oil.  They will start to sputter and pop.

fry them

fry them

Turn and fry them some more.  Keep frying them as they blister and char.fry2When they are all  blistered and charred in spots, remove from the pan.

blot on paper towels and sprinkle with flaky sea salt

blot on paper towels and sprinkle with flaky sea salt

Blot them and sprinkle with salt while they are still hot.

plate of peppers

all gone

nothing left but the stems

I may or may not have eaten all these peppers all by myself.  Don’t judge.  Better to eat a whole plate full of peppers than a whole plate of potato chips, am I right?

Shishito peppers–cross another thing off my bucket list.



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