Asparagus with Mint Vinaigrette

IMG_1962It’s not officially summer yet, but it’s already pretty darned hot here in south Texas.  The whole “ooh, spring vegetables” thing has kind of lost its luster in view of the fact that the temperatures have been in the upper 90’s lately, but if there’s anything that will bring back that spring vegetable feeling, it’s this dish.

IMG_1954It doesn’t have many ingredients, and you can make the dressing while the asparagus is cooking.  Leite’s Culinaria, where I snagged this recipe, suggests you grill the asparagus.  I was making the asparagus alone, and since I only have a charcoal grill I really didn’t want to go to all that trouble, so I roasted the asparagus for 10 minutes in a 450 degree oven.  I used the large asparagus spears because I like them better, but you could certainly use the tiny thin ones if that’s your thing–just be sure to roast (or grill) them for less time.

I have a bunch of mint growing that I know from experience will get leggy and bolt-y soon in the heat, so I was glad to find a delicious way to enjoy it.

Here’s the recipe, which I followed, except for the method of cooking the asparagus.IMG_1973

With the honey and rice vinegar, the dressing is a tiny bit sweet and a tiny bit tart.  The mint gives it a delicious herby flavor that really complements the asparagus.  IMG_1965I’ll definitely be making this again.  I have some of the dressing left over, and I think I’m going to experiment with using it on chicken breasts or maybe even fish.  IMG_1972

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One Response to Asparagus with Mint Vinaigrette

  1. Pat Brown says:

    As usual another wonderful looking dish from you, Susan. This is one I will try this weekend..Love Asparagus, and any new way to prepare it. Love the sound of the dressing. pat b


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