Grilled Rosemary Garlic Bread

IMG_0511Not too sure about this one.  I saw it on a food series I was watching via Netflix, and it looked good so I tried it.  It was okay, but I was a bit disappointed that it sounded better than it tasted.  I might try it again, with a different kind of bread (I used ciabatta, which might have been a bit too chewy.)  Anyway, here it is, for what it’s worth.

the ingredients for the topping

the ingredients for the topping

According to the show, you take garlic, kosher salt, and rosemary and chop them up together.  The chef on the show took the side of his knife and mashed and chopped at the same time.  His was a little more of a paste than mine, but mine worked out fine.IMG_0497Then you heat up some olive oil to where it’s just warm.  As he said, if you heat it up any more, the virtues of the cold pressed olive oil (if that’s what you started with) are negated and it’s a waste.  Then you put the garlic/rosemary/salt mixture in the pot to warm.  After a while, take it out and slather it on the bread slices.IMG_0499

And grill it.  IMG_0509Looks pretty, and tasted fine, but it was a tad chewy for my taste.  As I said, I’m willing to try again, with a softer bread.IMG_0510Let’s just say it did not go to waste.


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