Hand Pies, Again

fig, balsamic, and rosemary hand pies

The Hand Pies.  Oh, lord, they are so good.  My test, from the last batch, freeze-it-and-see-if-it’s-still-awesome pie…well, it was.  So I googled Hand Pies, and apparently they are somewhat trendy right now, replacing the cupcake and all of that.  I prefer pies to cakes generally, so that’s a-okay with me.  I started paying attention to the fillings in these recipes I was uncovering, and I found a very intriguing-sounding one on a gorgeous blog I hadn’t seen before, local milk.  After getting lost in some of the most beautiful food photography I have ever seen, I started to focus.  The name of the recipe was Fig, Balsamic, and Rosemary Hand Pies.  And I was hooked.

I decided to use the dough recipe from the last batch of Hand Pies I made, which I mentioned in my last post.  This dough is amazingly delicious, easy, and forgiving, and it is sturdy enough to stand up to the Hand Pies without crumbling, while staying tender and flaky.  Here it is, ready to be refrigerated for 15 minutes before its last rolling.

the dough, ready to refrigerate

As for the filling, let me say first of all that figs are not usually my first fruity flavor choice, but something about the way the fig/balsamic/rosemary combo sounded kept prodding me to try it.  So I went to the store to see if fresh figs are in yet, and they were. The filling is pretty easy to make–no cooking involved–and I decided to give it a try.
Well, my radar served me well.  This was absolutely one of the best filling combinations I have ever experienced.  I am going to try really, really hard not to eat the entire batch by myself.  I think my friends will like these as much as I do, so I’ll try to save you some, you guys.  They’ll go in the freezer with the Apple Salted Caramel ones I made the other day, but I warn you–if all 12 of them aren’t there when we get together, I may have had to, um, taste a few more.  Just, you know, to make sure they are good enough for my friends.

Here’s the link to the filling recipe.

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