Variations on a theme by Larry.

Some time ago, I watched my husband Larry, who has not a food-related adventurous bone in his body, toast a piece of white bread, cut up an avocado, and place the avocado on the toast.  He declared that “avocado toast” was delicious.  I was skeptical, but wished him well.

Yesterday I received my July issue of Bon Appetit magazine.  The Editor’s Letter, headed by a lovely photograph, extolled the virtues of…avocado toast.  The editor, Adam Rapaport, told of throwing a dinner party which starred some very expensive grilled meat and fish, but all the guests could talk about was the impromptu appetizer he had thrown together at the last minute.  He grilled some rustic bread, rubbed it with a cut garlic slice, put sliced avocado on top, sprinkled it with good olive oil, red pepper, and sea salt, and wowed his guests.  Lo and behold, Avocado on Toast has become something of a “thing”–you can get it at trendy restaurants in New York.

So although I am coming late to the party, I will give Larry credit for being at the head of a culinary trend.  I tried the slightly more upscale version tonight, and it was, truly, a revelation.

Next time you have a very nice, creamy, buttery avocado and some good bread, give this a try.  And next time Larry creates something, I’ll at least give him the benefit of the doubt.


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2 Responses to Variations on a theme by Larry.

  1. pat brown says:

    I have been making avacado toast for years ,and years, so I feel that for once I am ahead of the curve. I must give my mum full credit, as she was the one who made it for Me. Avacadoes were plentiful when we moved to California from Canada. We had never tasted them before. Imagine our shock when we ate our first one like an apple, hard as a rock. After getting sick, we realized they had to ripen. My mum decided the buttery texture would be great on grilled toast, so began a Family tradition that I still make today.

  2. Bonnie o'Connor says:

    Larry as gourmand, who knew!

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