Quinoa Tabooli


This will be my lunch today.  Those home-grown tomatoes that are sitting on my counter have been taunting me, for some reason, with thoughts of tabooli.  But at my local, oft-lamented, less-than-gourmet HEB grocery store, there’s no point in even looking for bulgur wheat.  It dawned on me in a flash of inspiration, though, that I do have some quinoa in the cupboard.  There’s not a whole lot of difference in taste/texture between quinoa and bulgur, and in my not-necessarily-supported-by-facts supposition, it’s healthier too.  So I decided to make it with the quinoa.

Recipes abound for tabooli, as do spelling variants, but I decided to go with my tried-and-true recipe.  When it comes to recipes, I don’t throw much away.  I even have them somewhat organized, which for a cataloging librarian shouldn’t be that surprising, but is.  When I was still living in Austin, in the 70’s, I took a cooking class through UT’s Community Education, called Middle Eastern Cooking.  I had never eaten Middle Eastern cuisine, but I loved the class, in which we made things like Um Jadra, Hummus, homemade Pita Bread, and stuffed squash.  Tabooli, too.  And of course, I kept the recipe handout from the class.  It’s stained with olive oil and good spices.much-loved and stained recipe handoutAs it turns out, I decided to just use the ingredients and make up the amounts as I went along.  I also added diced cucumber.

So–it’s lunchtime!  Can’t wait.


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2 Responses to Quinoa Tabooli

  1. Pat Brown says:

    oh yum. going to make it tomorrow..I too have lots of fresh tomatoes from the garden. Have to buy some quinoa today.Is that the recipe you followed on your blog..the stained and seasoned handout…cant quite make it out…pat brown

  2. Pat Brown says:

    oh yes I can see it all..yum, yum..

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