A Healthy Massage

Well, I think I’ve heard of everything, now.  

I’ve been trying to eat healthier since finally attaining my 20 lb. weight loss goal, and so I thought I’d jump on the kale bandwagon.  Kale is everywhere these days, it seems.

My HEB only had kale in two forms of packaging: a giant bag of it which had been pre-cleaned and pre-chopped, and kale in bunches, which looked like it had literally been sitting in the back of the farm truck, in the sun, for about a week.  I went with the giant bag, which of course has caused me to look for more and more creative ways to use it all up.  Larry, of course, wouldn’t touch kale in any form if you paid him.  First I had a kale and lentil dish; then I threw it in with some turkey sausage and pasta.  Both were good, and just having that kale in there made me feel oh-s0-virtuous.

But there was still about a third of the bag left, so I took to the Google machine, and I found this recipe from the Food Network.  I was immediately intrigued by the title of the dish, Massaged Kale Salad.  I figured it had to be poetic license, or a figure of speech, but no…you actually do massage the salad.  You take the kale and add some lemon juice and some olive oil and some kosher salt, and you…massage it.  You rub that healthy kale for at least two minutes, and magically it goes from a crispy, light green vegetable to a softer, dark green salad.  It really was quite amazing.  Then you add a dressing of lemon juice, olive oil, and honey, a mango, and some nuts–the recipe calls for pepitas but I didn’t have any, so I chopped up some wasabi and soy flavored almonds instead.  This is one beautiful salad.  And delicious.  And did I mention it is healthy?


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