Lemon Shortbread

If there are two tastes I love, they are anything lemon, and anything buttery.  So the idea of lemon shortbread pretty much guarantees my attention.  When the recipe for Thyme, Lemon, and Sea-Salt Shortbread appeared on Leite’s Culinaria (do you know this site?  It has some wonderful things)  last year, I bookmarked it and eagerly tried it.  The little savory shortbreads are delicious, but after making them once I forgot about them.

While I was cogitating over my tasting menu and deciding that I would need some kind of little nosh to accompany the tiny cup of Roasted Red Pepper Soup that I would be serving, the Lemon Shortbread slipped into my consciousness as if it had been lurking there on the fringes all along.  I could suddenly visualize a stick of buttery shortbread lying across the top of the demi-tasse cup filled with red pepper soup and orange cream, so I knew I had to add the shortbread to my menu.

thyme, lemon, and sea salt shortbread

Today I made them to put in the freezer, awaiting their turn on the amuse bouche plate, adorning the soup.  Of course, as with all doughs, there are going to be ugly edges, and I was very happy about that, because guess who gets to eat them, warm from the oven.  Their ugly shape doesn’t offend me at all.

cook's snack

My other mission today was to make the filling for my agnolotti (a type of ravioli).  I’m using my daughter Julie’s recipe, which I believe is an adaptation of one from Tyler Florence.  We made it last time I visited her, and I loved it.  It has chicken, prosciutto, Parmesan, and a healthy dollop of Marsala wine.  The filling is chilling in the refrigerator now, and tomorrow I will make the pasta and fill the agnolotti.  These will go uncooked into the freezer, and will only need a short time in the boiling water on the day of the tasting meal.

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One Response to Lemon Shortbread

  1. Jude says:

    I am soooo looking forward to this meal.

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