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Returning to my Regularly Scheduled Life

A totally unexpected admission to the hospital a couple of weeks ago, and a subsequent course of nausea-inducing antibiotics, have made cooking and eating pretty much down at the bottom of my personal list for awhile now.  But the antibiotics … Continue reading

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A simple dessert and an unexpected meal

One of the things I’m enjoying about my retirement, where cooking is concerned, is the freedom to find things–seasonal and fresh–at the grocery store or the market and then come home and think of yummy things to do with them. … Continue reading

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Kung Pao Chicken

I absolutely adore Kung Pao Chicken.  And once you’ve shopped at the Asian market for a few items, like bean sauce, the dish is ridiculously easy to put together.  This was lunch today.  I’m not sure why I don’t make … Continue reading

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Okay, enough with all the baking.  It was actually fun, and I think I am coming to enjoy it a lot more than I used to, but my body and my busy little cooking hands are craving some good savory, … Continue reading

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More Baking

For someone who doesn’t like to bake as much as she likes to cook, I’m doing an awful lot of baking.  The first order of business today was to test out some little tartlets that are on the tentative menu … Continue reading

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Today was a lazy, mostly rainy day that I spent working on the menu for the tasting party I am giving for my lunch group in November.  I also did a test run of a couple of items that I … Continue reading

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Bakey Day

Today was bake-y. I don’t like to bake as well as I like to cook, and I’m not as good at it. However, a friend asked me to make my banana cake for her Yom Kippur celebration, so I figured … Continue reading

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Mexican Wedding Cookies

Since I’ll be visiting my daughter-in-law Amy tomorrow, I can’t go empty-handed.  She has been eating gluten-free for over a year now, and really misses things like cake, cookies, and bread.  Earlier this year I participated as a recipe-tester for … Continue reading

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Okay, Thomas, I trussed the chicken.

Thomas Keller, my current chefcrush, tends to wax poetic on the subject of roasted chicken.  I’ve never had much success with roasted chicken, primarily because when I think it’s done perfectly, it’s either (a) overdone, or (b) underdone.  Keller has … Continue reading

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